Print management

Offset printing

Thanks to the vast experience of our employees, we are able to deliver top-quality offset printing services to our Customers. We provide print management services which allow us to reduce overall production costs by choosing the right supplier.


We print only on the best machines and at reliable suppliers. Thanks to our years of experience, we are able to have a flexible approach to even the most complex tasks. By continuously observing the market, we are able to deploy new technologies.


We place a great emphasis on quality. Therefore, our suppliers are inspected and verified by us at each stage of production. Our employees are always involved in checking the first sheets – we know full well that accepting the first print copies and ensuring their correct colour is of the utmost importance for the final product.


Print finishing

Print finishing comprises a range of techniques aimed at improving the attractiveness of any packaging. The possibilities for finishing are truly abundant. Research shows that finishing is crucial to sale results. Interestingly, it also contributes to greater mechanical strength in the substrate and the surface. In this way, packaging becomes more resistant to stretching or abrasion. Products also become more resistant to aggressive environmental elements, such as sunlight or water.


We finish sheets of material by:

coating them with:

  • UV varnish
  • structural varnish
  • glitter varnish
  • pearl varnish
  • scented varnish
  • scratchable varnish
  • thermal varnish
  • fluorescent varnish

plastic film wrapping:

  • glossy or matt film
  • soft-touch film
  • STM film
  • metallic film
  • holographic film
  • structural film


  • embossing
  • hot-stamping
  • calendering