Company profile

About us

Pirells Innovative is, above all, a manufacturer. We supply top-quality innovative packaging, and thanks to our licence to sell and manufacture patented packaging, we guarantee solutions that stand out on the global market.
The entire team promises to meet, and even exceed, the expectations of our Customers in terms of the quality of our products and services which are created in a safe and environmentally-friendly production area that meets all legal requirements.


We are distinguished by the highest quality of our services, including: our timeliness, flexibility and quick response to price enquiries.


Our team comprises experts in printing, design, and marketing. Each of them brings to the table different education and expertise because we know that the most interesting designs are the result of diversity. The team is made up of committed, passionate people who have an open dialogue with each other and, above all, with all our Customers, combining creative thinking and manufacturing expertise.


We specialise in all types of manual work and finishing of printed material. We do work requiring taping, as well as cold- and hot-gluing.


We perform tasks that require the gathering together of highly complex and complicated sets. We assemble products comprising several to even hundreds of elements, often in several product versions and a few dozen language versions. Each product is thoroughly inspected to ensure its compliance with the specifications, and each stage of manufacturing is reported to facilitate verification at a later time.

We also offer co-packing services:

  • repackaging
  • plastic film wrapping
  • labelling
  • re-packing
  • preparing for shipment

We prepare shipments according to non-standard distribution lists, often to different places around the world.

Vision and mission

Our company’s mission is not only to deliver top-quality products and printing services, but also to advise, help and build friendly relations between business partners. Therefore, every day we believe in our mission:


To be No. 1 in quality on the global market!

We achieve our Customers’ goals by improving the quality of the services we deliver and by optimising production costs. We are able to do this thanks to our flexibility and creative approach. By setting clear goals, we take full responsibility for their implementation.


We deliver products that stand out on the market. Thanks to their innovative nature and uniqueness, they help build a positive image for a brand, product or service, distinguishing them from competitors.


Due to our global approach and observation of the constantly changing market, we are able to use the best and most modern tools to promote the products of our Customers.



to build close business relations with Customers thanks to a visionary and individual approach


to deliver innovative and non-standard solutions of the highest quality


local roots and global reach


to focus on strategy and constant improvement of the knowledge and skills of our employees


to achieve goals thanks to our committed and unique people


fair and ethical conduct


to respect each other


We collaborate with specialists in graphic design, general design, engineering, and manufacturing from around the world. In this way, we are able to deliver innovative solutions to our Customers, and to implement modern trends in our designs.


Thanks to the global reach of Pirells Innovative, we are able to efficiently achieve the goals of our Customers. We deliver our products and services to every continent, whether it is one package or several dozen pallets. By choosing the optimum means of transportation, we are able to offer express deliveries to event the most remote places in the US, Australia, or South Africa.